Monday, October 15, 2007

Britney Spears Goes Out to Pamper Herself

Looks like Britney is taking care of herself and finally she is actually dressed and not flashing anything on a trip to buy make-up on Ride Aid with her dog London!! On the meantime she made one of the paparazzi buy her a Justin Timberlake CD at Virgin Megastore down the street!! The paparazzi would do anything for her... well Brit is their gold mine so they better treat her good!!

2 confessions:

Drama Div@ said...

My eyes and ears have had enough of BS. opps probably it's just my eyes only... i still think that her "gimme more" is a catchy and upbeat song!!

confessing7girl said...

@drama div@: yeah it is she just needs to set her performances straight!! and start to be more enthusiastic about her music