Thursday, October 4, 2007

I said Jennifer Lopez is pregnant now here is the proof!!!

I've been reporting for a long time Jennifer Lopez was really pregnant even when she denied it herself but today PerezHilton published this exclusive photos that reveal an obvious baby bump!! I would like to see Jennifer or Marc deny it now... the slip happened in last night's concert at Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut!

2 confessions:

Jolly Green Girl said...

That surely looks like a baby bump... I would hope though that if she was... she would lay off wearing high heels and dancing. That's crazy. I can't imagine wearing anything with heels right now. :) Thanks for all the celeb updates.

confessing7girl said...

@joly green girl: yeah i dont think it is completely healthy to be doing it and wearing those heels!! yeah imagine a big belly and high heels damn not a good combination... specially when u dont see the floor u r walking on that well heheheh :D and u welcome