Monday, October 29, 2007

Paris Hilton is Sexy Scary Alice for Halloween

Paris loves Halloween and after her sexy sailor outfit now she surprises her with a scary burlesque Alice outfit! I guess it does fit the theme for Playboy Halloween Party that she attended Saturday night.

4 confessions:

Gerri said...

That is certainly scary!

Jeevy said...

hehE! :D
hey how ru!?
longtime no see!?
btw ur blog takes ages to load!
why dot u remove some unwanted widgets?!

peace & love

confessing7girl said...

@gerri: very scary slutty sexy i would say!!

@jeevy: hi me fine how r u doing?? after ur comment i did remove some stuff... if u r using IE its normal it takes ages!! try firefox and it goes way way faster!! :D

gianny said...

Scary and super sexy!!