Monday, October 29, 2007

Californication Last Episode of the First Season!

The season finale of Californication airs today at 10:30PM ET/PT, like all the good things in life it's over way too soon and i can't wait for the next season! YES, please we want a new season!

This show was definitely the most original and refreshing this year with an amazing performance by David Duchovny as Hank Moody. (Watch "A Look Back at Hank & Karen")

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6 confessions:

Anonymous said...

This Show KICKS ARSE!!!

Rosita said...

You were there! Did you? Tell me!!! La proxima vez subo y te busco hasta el ultimo rincon. No te vayas a esconder abajo de las mesas. Como le haces para esconderte!!! Bueno... si sos bueno escondiendote yo puedo ser buena buscandote, falle una vez pero la proxima no.

Anonymous said...

This show has by far been my favorite television show I've ever watched. However, I almost think it would be wrong to continue the show further. Not that I'd be dissapointed, however the final episode gave Hank what he desired most -- thereby ending Hank's journey as far as I'm concerned.

confessing7girl said...

i know this show is absolutely fantastic i love it too!! i want more!

@rosita: i wasnt there anywhere!! whatever u mean!! oh and welcome to my blog! keep on visiting me

ah i know what u r saying!! theres no point in having another season unless they can invent some more trouble .... i will be missing Hank!! i want more!! :D

Anonymous said...

There has to be another season to find out whether Karen was right about Hank after all. No, not right in that he changed but right in that he didn't. Once Hank got Karen and Becca back will he realize that what he wished for may not be want he wants? Is Hank just Benjamin Braddock? I was waiting for Mrs. Robinson to end the last scene. Hank did not have that Benjamin look but could it be coming? Can Hank be faithful or will he continue his decent into soft self destruction? Will Charlie save him? Will Mia out him turning everyone against him? What about Bill? No one cares how he feels about all this. He is not a bad guy and probably was a better match for Karen and Becca in terms of stability and competence. Will romantic love carry them through the reality of everyday life?

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

confessing7girl said...

well i hope u right!! i loved this show and i want to continue watching it!! :D Hank back please!!