Saturday, October 20, 2007

Weekend Gossip Links

Did Halloween Come Early For Paris Hilton? (The Sweet Gossip) What the hell is Paris wearing there? Mix of underwear with outwear?!?
Ellen Degeneres cancels the show today! (Taylor's Entertainment News) Now that is some hard dog love!

Ne-Yo and Rihanna Power Couple? (LayDdee's Eyes on Entertainment) Rihanna is taking advantaje of ur young single status to fool some guys into thinking she is really interested!! Girl Power Rihanna!! :D
David Copperfield Being Investigated for Rape by the FBI! (Bitten & Bound) David is in some deep sh*t!
Uma Thurman wears a see through gown! (The Star Blogger) See through is an understatement!!
Anthony Hopkins has advice for Paris, Lindsay and Britney. (Geno's World) Wise man!!

5 confessions:

cymrusteve said...

What the heck is Paris wearing indeed! LOL

Try this link...

Taylor_Blue said...

Love all those have amazing style girl...LOL

confessing7girl said...

@steve: must be a new halloween outfit ... who knows what goes on that brain of hers!!

@taylor:thanks girl i try!! :D hehe

Anonymous said...

The ensemble is the skank trying to sneak out of her again. Poor Paris, she really has been trying lately. Anyone wants to take any bets on how long she stays in Rwanda?

confessing7girl said...

i really dont think she will survive in Rwanda for that long... will Rwanda survive Paris?? hehe