Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kate Moss is Skeleton Hot

This is absolutely ridiculous! How can a supermodel and role model for some kids be soo damn scaring skinny! Definitely not healthy and not a good example, her legs look like granny's 90 year old legs!!

Kate Moss attended Swarovski Fashion Rocks extravaganza and arrived at the red carpet looking pretty normal in her Swarovski little dress by Topshop but after some partying and drinks and who knows what else, Kate was a complete mess!

3 confessions:

pamvixen said...

She does have too skinny knees, but I don't think someone who dated pete doherty (with his drug problems) is concerned wth being a role model.

cymrusteve said...

I saw this online earlier - Kate looks scary! Some role model huh?

confessing7girl said...

@pamvixen: i know what u mean but she should be concerned and she would be if she wasnt so high on whatever shes taking!!

@steve: yeah its scary!! remember not to ever want to be that thin!! thats way tooo much!!