Monday, November 19, 2007

Hayden Panettiere goes shopping in style!

How can Hayden manage to look absolutely fabulous even when shopping!?!! When I go shopping I look like a mess… ok, not a mess but normal not like red carpet material!
Ah ah notice that the shopping bag has Hayden’s name on it… I think she brings there some Hayden designed handbags from Dooney & Bourke, and one of them is black!!
So is it for her own personal use or is Hayden planning to surprise her friends with the handbags these Christmas?? Hey Hayden girl, don’t forget about me! Love that handbag, my favorites are red and black!! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hayden fans !

Have you heard her new single "Wake Up Call ? " It's a cool track. U can hear it here:

keith axlerod