Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How dumb is Nick Carter!?!

Smart ass boyband mascot Nick Carter comes out to tell that dating Paris Hilton was boring and he couldn’t keep up a conversation with her!
OK we know that besides “That’s Hot”, Paris doesn’t really know how to talk but coming out dishing your previous girlfriend saying she was stupid can’t make you look good!
Hey Nicky boy sugar, if I were you I would be much more worried about the unsuccessful comeback of the Backstreet Boys.

4 confessions:

Anonymous said...

nick carter isn't dumb!
He can't do anything about it he's so hot , kind and such a good singer that even Pris Hilton would fall for him!
Have a little respect for him!
He's a really hard worker!
So don't bully him with the fact he doesn't like Paris Hilton!
'Cause he's right! Paris is a big slut!
And Nick doesn't like her because she's a slut!
a BSB - fan

kristie said...

the backstreet boys comming back was a great decsion ive been listing to them since they came out and stiil am the best thing that nick ever did was break up with paris she doesnt deserve him he is not dumb he is smart so stop hatin on him

Mary said...

don't u have anything more useful to post?
I don't think he's a dumb. Actually, he's a dumb just because he dated her.
She doesn't deserve him and, if u don't know, she also says terrible things about him.
Don't u think that he's right when he says that is impossible to talk to her?
Paris is definitely the most "futile" person ive ever seen..
and, after all, i do think that you are badly informed bcause, for a group which was away
from the media for too long, the BSB had a great result!!
Can I give u an advice? Start doing something that will help u to grow up in life, instead
of saying bad things about people you don't even know and their work!
Another thing: Try to listen to their cd and then you'll see what I am talking about.
But, if you prefer to admire things like "That's hot", the problem is not mine.

Kisses kisses =***

Anonymous said...

macy h.

Nick Carter is way better then that stupid ass paris hilton no one likes her she is an ass hole if i were nick i would not have gone out wit her and the backstreet boys were never gone ok in almost everyones eyes they were still there so whoever wrote that is an ass