Friday, November 30, 2007

Kitty Rihanna in Bambi Awards!

I told you Rihanna was like a sexy panther on stage but in the red carpet at 2007 Bambi Awards in Germany she was just powerful in her leopard print dress. WOW!!
I just think those pinks shoes were a little off... guess she thought she could hide those under the dress!! But the performance outfit compensated for that.

6 confessions:

T.C. said...

That leopard-print dress is very beautiful!

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Marjie said... pretty for the dress. I think she overdid it this time. :(

confessing7girl said...

i like the dress as i said the shoes r a little bit off!!

Thanks Julia for the nomination!! im really honored to be a part of your Blog Entertainment awards! :D

she did but she has the figure to use those dresses... she just needs black high heels shoes to go with it!

T.C. said...

Oh, you're right! I hadn't looked at the shoes. Not a good match. Congrats on the nomination!

confessing7girl said...

thanks TC :D hehe