Friday, November 30, 2007

Mischa Barton Sexy for Arena Magazine & Becoming a Producer

The OC girl has been keeping a low profile and working on some movies for next year, will she really make it in the box office or will she flop?!
To tell the truth I think she is a TV girl, Mischa fits those cliché TV series for younger audiences. I guess I could be totally wrong and I hope she can surprise us on the big screen.
The latest photo shoot for Arena magazine shows a sexier side of her with an amount of her distinguishing sweetness.
Mischa is also thinking about her future in the business and thinking about a producing career: "Producing is something I might see as a necessity because great female roles are difficult to come by. I admire a lot of women like Drew Barrymore who produce themselves and put together great projects."

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Blog of the Month said...

just woke up and i see your message and got shocked,
i contacted showbiz chika,
and to no avail, they are not around
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and i decided to put this BLOG on
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confessing7girl said...

Thanks Julia! thats not a pleasant situation i know but if Showbiz wants he/she can contact me!
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T.C. said...

Haven't seen Mischa around in a while. I wonder what movie projects are up her sleeve.

confessing7girl said...

theres a rumor she will be starring in a movie with Bruce Willis...