Friday, November 16, 2007

Romantic Hollywood: New Eva Longoria’s meaningful tattoo!

It seems to me like every celebrity is on a private competition on who can be the most romantic. Now it was time for Eva Longoria to mark the happiest day of her life, when she married Tony Parker, in her wrist and it’s definitely not a temporary tattoo!!

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The tattoo is pretty simple and it’s just the date of Eva and Tony’s wedding in roman numerals, VII VII MMVII (7, 7, 2007) July 7th, 2007. How sweet is that??
This isn't the first tattoo for Eva, who sports four other pieces of body art, including a star on her left wrist and hubby Tony Parker's initials, inscribed in an intimate place where the public is likely to never see them. "I'm not telling where it is," Eva said after getting that particular tattoo. "But let's just say he gets to see it on a very regular basis!" OK! Magazine
Have you ever done something crazy for your love??

3 confessions:

Anonymous said...

Sweet? Tattoos are not sweet they are ugly and unfeminine. No matter how pretty you'll look with a beautiful gown, you'll never look classy with a tattoo on your skin. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I like classy tatoos. Eva's tatoos are classy & meaningful. Very good.

Anonymous said...

if the tattoo means something to her what does it matter what everyone else thinks?