Friday, November 16, 2007

Spice Girls Big Comeback Performance @ Victoria’s Secret Show

The 5 girls all looked fabulous in their military outfits and Roberto Cavalli’s gowns, who also special designed all their outfits for the upcoming world tour!
Unfortunately they lip-synched the songs ‘Stop’ and ‘Headlines’ disappointing some of their fans that were expecting a live performance… I guess they have to wait for the world tour!
The Spice Girls admitted they were nervous about the comeback and Mel C says "It's quite surreal, but everything has come flooding back, all of the songs, and being with each other and rehearsing together, it just feels very comfortable.”

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"We have got nothing to prove. We just want to come back and live out the good old days." Mel also dismissed rumors of diva-like antics and in-fighting as a "load of c***." She told: "We've never been divas. Our reputation in the business is that we all work very hard and we know that we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for everybody who was involved in our project."
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Talking about rehearsals Victoria Beckham said "All of the kids have been down to rehearsals. We have an area where they all hang out... it’s a Spice crèche!"
Victoria’s Secret Show was absolutely fabulous and the Angels were all stunning, love the new luminous collection. Seal & Heidi Klum made the sweetest performance of the night when Seal said to Heidi "You're my angel, you're my girl." Oooh so romantic….

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greeneyes said...

Gotta love the Spice Girls.

The group of my childhood... ah memories.