Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who is looking fabulous after running the marathon? Katie Holmes

Sporty mom Katie after running for 5 hours on the NYC marathon still has some breath to go to out with Tom Cruise. They went to Museum of Modern Art for a screening of Tom’s latest movie “Lions for Lambs”, and Katie Holmes looked absolutely fantastic!!
I wish I would look that good after running for hours, I would probably be death tired lying on the floor for the rest of the day! :) Go Katie!!

2 confessions:

Jolly Green Girl said...

lol... me too girl.. you would have to peel me off the pavement and wheel barrow me out of there!!! Good for her though. She looks fabulous!

confessing7girl said...

i couldnt hv said it better!! thats it she looks absolutely fabulous!! Tom got lucky!! too lucky