Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Controversial Britney Spears OK! Magazine Photoshoot

Is that really the same Britney Spears we know?!? It sure doesn’t look much like her!! Only the black and white photo looks like her!! OMG the one with the yellow dress looks like its Britney’s head in someone else’s body!!
When these pictures were shot OK! Magazine classified them as disastrous and could potentially ruin Britney’s career… it sure can’t be those photos right?!!
Am I the only one to think the photos are a little strange and very suspicious??

2 confessions:

absolutelytrue said...

The pics are a little bit too small for me to see clearly on my laptop screen, but it looks like they have been photoshopped to within an inch of their lives to try to make her look better.

confessing7girl said...

sorry about the photos i thought i had a enlarge version on!! ill be more careful about it in the future! thanks for the tip ;)
yep its a good photoshop work!! its soo good it doesnt seem like her!!