Monday, November 26, 2007

WTF!!! Britney wants to adopt!!?!? Britney Spears real story…

No, this can’t be serious!!! There’s a rumor around the web that says Britney Spears wants to adopt Chinese twins, what the hell?! Are we talking about the same Britney here?? The one that lost custody of her kids cause she is too messed up and crazy… if she can’t take care of her own kids, someone will grant her custody of 2 other kids?
Britney dirty past has been all over, stories of long lost virginity at 14 years old, bankruptcy, dad’s addiction and grandmother’s suicide came out in the open. How has all this drama affected the pop star? I guess that is visible…
“Spears lost her virginity at 14 to boyfriend Reg Jones, and that she and Justin Timberlake were intimate from the beginning.”- US Maganize
An addiction specialist tells us how Britney troubled childhood can shape her behavior today.
US: How would her father’s substance abuse affect Britney?
DP: At least 60% of addiction is accounted for on the basis of genetics. I've never treated an addict that didn't have a family history of the disease. You have to inherit it from somewhere. We know that she is a drug addict because she's been admitted to a treatment center. You can't be admitted unless you’ve met criteria for addiction.

US: What about the fact that she became an international star at such a young age?
DP: Her mental health has almost nothing to do with her career. Fame hinders getting to her now. It is hard to get through the sycophants who are enabling her and be able to find people around Britney who are willing to potentially sacrifice either their salary or their access to her by bringing her into treatment. That's the core problem. That is what is putting her in danger. That is what killed Anna Nicole Smith. She had people around her who didn't step up and say you need to get treatment!

US: What about the effects from Britney being sexually active from age 14, dressing provocatively, losing her virginity, and yet maintaining this image of purity and virginity?
DP: I have seen many cases of young girls who have been prematurely sexualized in one fashion or another who try to recapture their virginity. They claim that the abuse doesn't count, "I'm a virgin now." I see that quite a bit.

US: Would this change her identity? She pretty much had to make those claims, because her managers were telling her not to talk about her boyfriend, all the while dressing her up provocatively for the public.
DP: Her life was a media event. Her needs were subjugated for her career and that is part of the problem here.

US: Court documents indicate that her father cheated on her mother and Britney allegedly cheated on Justin, did she learn that from her parents?
DP: It would be hard to learn to value sacredness in marriage with that as an example. But, if you want the moment in her life when it started to unravel, it was when she got involved with Kevin Federline. The crazy thing about the human is that traumatic experiences in childhood get repeated as attractions in our adult life. We are attracted romantically to that very kind of person that was so terrorizing to us in childhood. It's a crazy mechanism. So Dad and Kevin are the same guy.
US: One thing we’ve seen Britney is that she has arrested social development. Do you agree?
DP: She's sort of our next Michael Jackson. It's understandable that developmentally they don't have the usual skills. She doesn't have the usual responsibility; she doesn't understand the coping strategies of an adult.

US: And how is she going to teach her children? Or say no to them?
DP: She won't. It's grandiose thinking: “That's how I was raised and that is how my kids are going to be raised.” It's not a good thing.

US: What can be done for Britney? Is she permanently damaged?
DP: She can be treated. She is not an untreatable situation, but she needs to go away and drop out of sight and focus on her sobriety for at least nine months.

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LayDdee said...

WOW - what an interesting post. Interesting meaning awesome!! It certainly explains a lot of Brit's behavior.

lisa q. said...

you can't be serious! oh please make it stop! :D

confessing7girl said...

ahh layddee it certainly gave us some light into her mess up mind!! poor girl hv to grow up too fast!!!

yep lisa im serious she is a total soap opera with all the cliff hangings and drama u can possibly ask for...