Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jennifer Aniston & Jason Lewis are Pregnant!!

Recent photos of Jennifer Aniston out with friend Courteney Cox show some weight gain and fuller face that are the first signs of pregnancy.
Jennifer is allegedly dating and possibly living with hot, drop dead gorgeous Jason Lewis, who was introduced to her by Brad Pitt. Ironically, Brad and Jen ended their long relationship because of Brad’s need to start a family.
“Jason’s mother, Nancy, is flying in from Missouri just to meet Jennifer,” says the insider. “It’s really important to him.” And that’s not all! “He’s so thrilled because he’ll also get to introduce Jennifer to his sister Nicole’s new baby girl, Makela. It’s going to be a very warm and cozy holiday at his grandmother’s house in L.A, and everyone is thrilled to meet the woman Jason has been raving about!”
Jason has ties to Brad Pitt. The two are acquaintances, and Brad even introduced Jennifer to Jason, 36, while they were still married! They eventually reconnected in November, after they’d both become single, and there was instant chemistry.
“Mutual friends at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital charity thought Jen and Jason would make a great couple,” the insider explains. “So they started e-mailing. After their first date, they began seeing each other every day, nonstop.”
Now they’re virtually living together - they spend all their time at her Malibu house or his place. (Star Magazine)
Again I can only hope this is true… first cause Jennifer deserves to be happy too (did I mention Jason is HOT?) and I’m sure they will make beautiful blonde cute lovely babies. A baby would be soo lucky to have those genes!!
Congrats to the new parents to be…


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Anonymous said...

I really think she is! If so I'm happy for them.
I hope it's true!

Anonymous said...

She deserves to be happy. Don't know about blonde babies though as she is naturally a brunette but I'd be happy for her if she FINALLY had a baby. Never understood why she would put off babies with Brad for her movie was never hot

Taylor Blue said...

holy crap I got firefox and your site came up right away...MIlo broke the IE... :) Anyways...I love the header....looks just like you!

Sanjay said...

This is a nice picture he is very very happy gays but also every styles is very beautifull ...