Wednesday, December 26, 2007

All Britney Spears Wants for Christmas is a Friend!!

I don’t blame Britney… it must be pretty lonely in a world that has no real friends only social crawlers that want to suck every drop of juice from the popstar and a crazy mom that isn’t making a good job raising her kids.
It’s Christmas time, I really feel sorry for Britney Spears… her crazy wild night with a paparazzi was just a cry for help and there was no wild sex involved just talk.
A source, Adnan’s pal tells PageSix: "Britney just wanted to get things off of her chest. She rambled on and on — he couldn't get a word in edgewise, which is pretty unusual for him because he loves to talk. She was bouncing from one subject to another, yapping about everything from what was on television to her issues with her mom. She was all over the place, like someone with severe ADD."
The relationship between Brit and the paparazzi has been developing slowly: "She would answer his questions and give him little sound bites — and she refused to do the same for the others who were following her," the pal revealed. "So in return, he began to help Britney out with little things, such as getting her Starbucks or pumping her gas when she was overwhelmed by the paparazzi."
Please Britney get help, there is still time to change!!
Now specially for Britney: Merry Christmas and a very happy and new year for 2008.

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