Friday, December 14, 2007

A very special feature in the BlogWorld: My Radical Blogs

Today Taylor introduced me to a very special blog, My Radical Blogs, it’s written by Les Scammell who calls himself the Radical Blogger and it covers different subjects like politics, blogging tips and blog reviews.
What really caught my eye was a special Christmas offering…
Les is donating 5 cents to the Xmas Appeal for every visitor to his sites this week. If you visit all three sites he donates 15 cents. It will count one visit per day and you can visit him everyday till midnight Wednesday 19.
To give your contributions visit the following sites: My Radical Blogs, Just 4 Families and CoolAyla.
Even if you think it’s a small contribution all together it will certainly help. Get into the Christmas spirit; it’s only 3 clicks away. ;)

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T.C. said...

Three visits today! Thanks for these links. I'll be getting my visits in!