Sunday, January 27, 2008

Amy Winehouse Death Sentence: 3 Months!!

This is just scary but Amy’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil has warned the ‘Rehab’ singer: “Quit smoking crack or you’ll be dead in three months.”
Amy this should be your wakeup call! When someone who loves you tell you this so openly you should listen… I think Amy is an amazing singer she can have it all but she is on a self destructive path and the only good news is that she checked into rehab this Thursday.
After a shocking video turned up on the web where we can see Amy allegedly smoking crack, her dad finally made her go to rehab. It was late but not too late to save the troubled singer.
Blake says: “Every day I fear the prison chaplain is going to walk into my cell and break the news that Amy is dead.”
He confessed Amy became “like the Living Dead” while blowing £500 ($1000) a day on cocaine and heroin, and that she is so out of it on drugs she falls asleep during visits to him and has even turned up high to his court appearances.
He also revealed that he hates reading in papers about Amy partying with other men while he is in jail. Blake also insists that he has now given up drugs for good and challenged Amy to do the same so they can “grow old together.”
As for the rumors of a divorce, Blake says it was just a scare tactic “I even threatened her with divorce because I thought it would be the only thing to make her see sense.

“My parents have both pleaded with me to divorce Amy and I told her so before she finally agreed to go in for treatment. They think she’s the Black Widow who will be the death of me if I don’t end our marriage. But I’d prefer to have a short life with Amy than a long life without her.” – Now that is true love!!
Best wishes to Amy and Blake and let them grow old together like they want to!! Let’s hope we can hear a lot more songs from her, she has a gift!
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babyjay~~~ said...

awwh poor amy i love her and her music she was such a lovly lookin person once upon a time its a shame what the ratzis do to you i would love to cook herr a huge roast dinner and give her a cuddle the poor thing the media is to blame like britney she wouldnt be half as bad as she is if it wasnt for the media they make people goo mad if she did end up dead they should bang up all the paperatzi and story seekers because personaly i feel thats whats made her turn the worst lets hope someone who really loves her helps her out

Anonymous said...

I think she was beautiful before and is beautiful now.

I agree that she should listen to her husband and stop smoking crack.

Her mother is worthless though because her "mother" has admitted that she has not even TRIED to talk to Amy about her drug issues yet. Hello?? What kind of mother is THAT? She is worthless. And her fat father is only a male attention whore sucking up the camera attention.

I love Amy, I love Blake. But her family sucks.