Sunday, January 27, 2008

Girls Aloud Cheryl forgives her cheating husband soccer player Ashley Cole

The cheating lady’s man is a famous (or not so famous) British soccer player, Ashley Cole and he thinks he is soo cool and hot he likes to seduce women even if he is now married.
This kinda makes me wanna say to Cheryl ‘just drop him girl, he is not good enough for you!’ Love speaks louder in this case for the singer since she is standing by her man and forgiving him after he issued her with a groveling apology for his sordid romp with a blonde hairdresser.
The couple reportedly met with celebrity lawyer Graham Shear together yesterday and a pal said: “Cheryl wants to work through it. She loves Ashley so much. She is shocked but feels their marriage is worth saving.”
Yesterday, the glum looking pair traveled from the marital home to see Shear in a dark Mercedes driven by Ashley.

Ashley covered up under a hoodie top, while Cheryl pulled a hat low over her drawn face. A source said: “They are lost about what to do. Cheryl in particular is angry and hurt and hoped Graham would give them the guidance they needed.
“But the fact they saw him as a couple is a good sign. If they were discussing divorce they wouldn’t go together. One lawyer can’t represent both clients.”
If it is true love let Ashley learn the lesson and let them both be happy!!


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