Saturday, January 26, 2008

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt are Pregnant with Twins!!

The Pitt gang is getting bigger and bigger, Angelina Jolie is pregnant allegedly expecting twins!!! Wow amazing!!! How many kids that makes??
That’s 6 happy kids in a happy family!! I’m all for it… they are rich and gorgeous and amazing parents. Three of the kids were adopted by Angelina and Brad and one is their own biological child, the powerful baby Shiloh.
“Brad and Angelina are absolutely ecstatic,” another source says. “But I still think there will be more adoptions to come.”
Rumors say Brangelina are planning to adopt another baby, it’s either a baby from Vietnam or a Katrina orphan… just adopt them both! All of the Brangelina baby gang are under the age of 7 and that must be a lot of work, I just hope all these babies get to have the same attention and time from their parents.
Just to make a point of the situation we started the post with 4 kids and twins on the way and we ended it with the possibility of 8 kids! Damn that’s one big Brangelina school bus in the future!
Congratulations to the big happy family! Love them!!

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lil-miss-a19 said...

i'm happy for them.i guess they must really love kids but yeah i'm hapyy for them