Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Gossip Links: Hot & Heath Ledger's Tribute

Remembering Heath Ledger…In Photos (Taylor's Entertainment News) I just think this is an amazing collection of Heath's photos... i was thinking about doing a photo tribute too but i couldn't find better images!!
Heath Ledger's On His Way Home (LayDdee's Eyes on Entertainment) Let him rest in peace and let his family have some peace too!! He will be always remembered!!
Kim Kardashian & Sisters Lookalike!?! (AnythingHollywood) Just cause Kim is a celebrity, isn't she?!?! What does she do anyway or did?? Who cares she's HOT!! :)

Hilary Duff Hot And Juicy (Sweet Gossip)Hilary looks absolutely hot promoting her new tour in Brazil... or maybe it was too hot in the room!! :D
Scarlett Johansson announces her engagement to Barack Obama! (Geno's World) Scarlett is sooo funny!! The easiest way is to just deny her engagement to Ryan!!
Christian Brando Dead (Bitten&Bound) More sad news... this is going to be a black week in the movie history. Christian was son of actor Marlon Brando and Anna Kafshi.

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