Monday, January 21, 2008

Ashlee Simpson Comes Out of the Closet: Nose Job Confirmed

After Ashley Tisdale being so open about her nose job, everyone seems to be getting more comfortable admitting their imperfections (exception is Blake Lively who didn’t come out of the closet yet).
That’s Ashlee Simpson’s case! While trying to make some publicity for her new album Bittersweet World to be released in March, Ashlee now wants to talk about her nose job!! But seems no one is really interested…
The nose job was so completely obvious at that time… you lost your chance to shine Ashlee!!!


2 confessions:

digga said...

The writer is correct. noone really gives a shit anymore. she is pretty, but not that pretty. let's get on to something more entertaining, like that hypnotic frog from futurama.

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Lizz said...

Yes... I agree!
Everybody Loves Hypno Toad... (Unlike Raymond)