Sunday, January 6, 2008

Carrie Underwood Confesses She had a Weight Problem

After some nasty comments online about her being chubby, Carried Underwood confesses she was tired of everyone calling her fat so she decided to lost weight.
I can’t understand this… she was certainly not fat ever!! Now standards are just too high, or should I say too low on the weight subject. It’s insane and that is the message they are passing to kids everywhere…
Carrie Underwood says that what works for her is cardio: “It really helps the pounds melt off, and it gives me so much more energy. Now when I’m performing and running around the stage, it’s no big deal. Whereas before, I was always gasping for breath. Working out has really paid off onstage. I’m a performer, and yes, being in good shape is part of the package,” she tells Shape Magazine.
On the other hand Carrie won’t get obsessed with losing weight so she says: “But I don’t ever want to get neurotic about my weight. I feel healthy and I know I’m a good size for me. And that’s what’s important.”
Yes!! That’s what’s important; don’t lose weight for the wrong reasons! Be healthy, Do Sports, Don’t be a Skeletor!!


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