Sunday, January 6, 2008

Britney Spears: From Deposition to Lockdown in a Day

On Thursday Britney Spears finally showed up for her deposition on the custody case of Sean Preston and Jayden James. She missed previous scheduled depositions like 4 or 5 times all with doubtful excuses and was at the same time seen in public doing nothing.
Britney finally made time to address the important issues but she arrived 90 minutes late in a pink dress and was inside for about 14 minutes. So what went wrong? Now that was one fast deposition!!
Later that day Britney was at home with the boys and when it was time to let them go to daddy, Kevin Federline who had the temporary custody, she flipped!! Brit locked herself in the bathroom with the youngest, Jayden and didn’t want anyone to the take the boys away from her.

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Can you imagine the desperation?? I'm sure Britney knew that everything that has been happening and her behavior would be enough for any judge to get the kids as far away from her as possible. I think she was really desperate to be with her kids too!
Of course, when the court ordered monitored saw the scene she called the cops… although I think it was all a little too much (helicopters and all) and a little too late for Britney, I think this is the turning point she needs… for better or for worse…
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Anyway when the situation was controlled Britney Spears was restrained and taken away on an ambulance. On another ambulance was Jayden James but just for precaution and was then taken home with Kevin.
At first it was thought that Britney might have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs but she tested negative, so she was just insane. Melting down, between fits of laughter and cries, it was reported she was screaming “I’d rather die than let him have my babies.”
Fortunately now Britney is on Cedars Sinai Medical Center where she getting a psychiatric evaluation and she will be watched for 72 hours. That means she was supposed to get released tomorrow but is already out after a flash visit from TV’s famous Dr.Phil
Of course Britney completely lost her visitation rights with the kids about an emergency hearing and Kevin gets full custody of Sean and Jayden.
I just don’t know how this is going to end or when, I just wish Britney can find her own peace! Just get out of the scene for some months or years to put yourself together and be a better mom. I'm sure that’s what she wants to!

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