Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Halle Berry New Pregnant Hairdo

Beautiful new mommy Halle Berry is growing and glowing in her seventh month but her new hairdo is what really stands out. Halle goes for a curly sexy look.
This woman is absolutely gorgeous anyway!! Who cares about the hair… she’s stunning and the most beautiful baby bump out there too!!
Sporting Shirley Temple ringlets and a henna tattoo normally reserved for brides (hmmm... might someone be reconsidering her "no more marriage" stance?), Halle looked lovely and well-rounded. Perhaps it's all in preparation for the "circle of life" she and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry will experience when Halle gives birth to the couple's first child, due in March?
Do we see a wedding coming!? I hope so Halle and Gabriel are just so perfect for each other, either way the only pictures we wanna see in the next couple of months are baby’s photos!!

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