Monday, February 11, 2008

Best of 2008 Grammy Awards Photos & Videos (Amy Winehouse & Duets)

The biggest winner of this edition of the Grammy Awards was without a doubt Amy Winehouse, who is finally in rehab and did an amazing performance from London via satellite. Amy performed two songs ‘You know I’m no Good’ and her hit song ‘Rehab’, putting the name Blake in between her lyrics.

When Amy won the award for Record of the Year with ‘Rehab’ she couldn’t hide her shock and thanked her parents, who were there supporting her and her Blake, her Blake incarcerated!!
I know Amy looks healthier and clean(er) but I have to wonder if she is in her right mind… she trembles, shakes her little knees and has that distant look while performing… it’s a little scary!!
Amy also took the awards for Best New Artist, Song of the Year for “Rehab,” Best Vocal Album and Best Pop Vocal Performance in a total of 5. One thing is for sure, Amy has talent, a gift!! Love her music!!

Another highlight of the show was when Tina Turner took the stage… what is that woman doing next to Tina?? OH that’s Beyonce!! Let’s be real here, Tina kicked Beyonce’s booty big time… ah besides Tina is in a better shape than Beyonce, who old is Tina??? Oh I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!! (view video here)

Magic duets happened when we had Alicia Keys on stage with Frank Sinatra, a virtual duet (view video) and with John Mayer (view video).
And finally I have to say this is my favorite duet of the night… sorry… but it’s Fergie and John Legend!! I think it’s the first time we really hear Fergie singing, really singing… (view video)


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