Monday, February 11, 2008

Keira Knightley is so NOT a Lesbian!

After rumors that Keira and Sienna Miller were a little bit too close and more than friends, Keira wasted no time denying those awful accusations but now she confesses Sienna is her inspiration!!
Yeah that’s such a smart thing to say if you want people to believe you are so not gay and so not in love with your best friend or someone who you really admire.
The actress - who filmed 'The Edge of Love' with Sienna, insists it was "amazing" to work with her fellow British star and she was "blown away" by her talent.
Keira said: "Working with Sienna was amazing. She was great. She came in at the last minute to replace Lindsay Lohan - literally in a week. She blew me away."
"I love her. She's hilarious and a good actress. I didn't really know Sienna before - we'd met a couple of times and chatted, but I loved working with her. She was a huge inspiration."
Oh, spare me... Sienna sucks as an actress, she is even worse than Keira herself and that's not easy!!
Yesterday the British beauties attended the BAFTA Awards in London and Sienna Miller was soo absolutely stunning. Yeah, she was really beautiful or I wouldn’t be saying it…
As for Keira, OMG she’s a skeleton… it’s unhealthy and she looks awful… a dirty bag of bones…
The question is did they hook up after the award ceremony?? Well at least Sienna was at the Awards show with her ugly boyfriend Rhys Ifans. Threesome?!?!


2 confessions:

Anonymous said...

Keira's not a dirty bag of bones. And she has amazing talent - she nor Sienna suck as an actress. Could you do better?

Just keep sitting behind your computer slagging out innocent people who try their best to entertain everyone by doing what they do best.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Be easy with the hate, you don't even know her.