Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gloves in a Bottle: Have your skin ready for the Oscars!!

I have been given this amazing lotion last year, at first I let it sit in my room for a while. Then the cold weather came and my hands started to suffer from the cold, my skin was so dry that I finally decided to use Gloves in a Bottle.
I have to confess I'm a little lazy when it comes to skin treatment and I experience all the consequences of that during winter, of course. This year it got worse I had this major dry spot in my elbows, I can’t even describe how it hurt when I rested my elbows on a table.
I was already using Gloves in a Bottle for my hands so I applied it on my elbows. I have to admit it felt immediately fresher and in more or less a week my elbows were soft again.
From now on I will try and be much more careful with my skin. Keeping your skin soft and moisturized should be one of the most important things you do and you should do it every day.
I strongly recommended Gloves in a Bottle to my female and even male friends with dry skin problems. Yep, men suffer from dry skin problems too. It’s not only about looking good but feeling good so men should indulge themselves into some skin treatment too.
Of course I had to send a sample of Gloves in a Bottle to my mom, who also suffers from dry skin, she loves it! Let’s see if she can get my dad to use it on his rough elbows (they have been like that for years).
Keep your skin shining all year long. To learn how you can get rid or even prevent dry skin go to, where you can order this amazing lotion or locate Gloves in a Bottle on a store near you.

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