Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Johnny Depp is gonna be pissed… but his kids are gorgeous!!

Well if you don’t know, be warned Johnny Depp doesn’t want his kids’ photos circulating around the gossip world. Actually the Depps are quite a private family!
I love Johnny Depp and I feel a little guilty posting this but I can’t help myself… I love baby photos and Johnny’s kids are so adorable… soo gorgeous!!
Momma Vanessa Paradis took the kids, Lily Rose, 8, and Jack, 5, to Disneyland where they were caught by paparazzi. Look at Jack! He is just like daddy; he is gonna be one hell of a heartbreaker…
Plus Lily Rose looks absolutely cute and healthy, after last year’s health scare.


2 confessions:

Frances said...

Thanks for the pictures, I hope Johnny will not be too upset, I love seeing the kids and how they have grown. They both look like angels and we know how proud JD is to have them. I wish them well, and hope they had a fun day.

confessing7girl said...

hi Frances welcome!!
i sure hope JD isnt upset... come on his kids are soo beautiful, its for the whole world to see!! :D
:D daddy should be proud... im sure he is!!