Sunday, February 3, 2008

Marc Jacobs “Protect the Skin You’re In’ & ‘Protect Your Largest Organ’: Where can you buy the T-Shirts??

As a lot of my readers are making the question I decided to give some more details on Marc Jacobs’ campaign against skin cancer.
You can find all of the designer’s shirts on Marc Jacobs’ stores only. That includes 7 different naked female celebrities with the slogan ‘Protect the Skin You’re In’ and other 8 naked males on ‘Protect Your Largest Organ’.
For those who still might have some doubts, your largest organ is the skin no matter if you’re male or female!! So guys sorry!!!
Some styles might also be available in Melange at NY Bleecker Street Store only.
You can check out the 15 t-shirts available at (they are in the special items section) and they can be yours for just 35 bucks!! That’s the price of wearing a naked celebrity… yep they are kinda cheap!!

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