Sunday, February 17, 2008

Minnie Driver is Pregnant!!!

Everyone is getting pregnant these days so when there’s a rumor of someone pregnant why not believe!? Specially when they make no effort to deny it or when they rep is completely unreachable.
New mom is Minnie Driver; the actress was reportedly spotted at a Los Angeles doctor’s office looking at sonograms with a pal, according to the New York Post.
Minnie called her boyfriend Matthew and talked to him about ‘getting blood work done’ the paper claims.
The actress also told her pal: “Matthew says I should be quiet so no one hears me.”
This conversation isn’t really revealing… she can be talking about getting breast implants or lip injections for all we know.
Since pregnancy is epidemic in Hollywood and she was looking at a sonogram, I’d say there’s 80% change she was really talking about her pregnancy!! Plus she looks pregnant in that photo!!
Congratulations to Minnie and her secret boyfriend Matthew!!!

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