Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weekend Gossip Links: Britney & Paris Screwed Up Pregzillas

Britney's Dad Granted Legal Control Over Her Affairs (LayDdee's Eyes on Entertainment) Let's hope he does something to stop Britney's madness... i just don't see a good end for this story and it really saddens me!
Britney Spears Going Through Detox (TEN) Ok, detoxing from what?? Gold digger friends?? She should!!
Fergie Down Under (Sweet Gossip) Fergie out and about... so is she pregnant or what??

Angelina Jolie is Destroying the Icecaps… With Her BABIES! (DailyContempt) Brangelina reproducing is bad for the environment!!?!!? This is just too funny!! :D Womb Raider!! lol
David Letterman Apologizes To Paris Hilton (All About Nobodies) Paris and Letterman are friends again... make out session is gross! Watch the video!
Paris Hilton & Elisa Cuthbert Are Lesbian Lovers!?! (Anything Hollywood) Paris goes naughty lesbian again, only with cute girls... guess she has some sort of taste...

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