Saturday, February 9, 2008

Weekend Gossip Links: Fashion Divas & Messed Up B*tches!!

Posh Judges Project Runway (LayDdee's Eyes on Entertainment) Victoria Beckham looks great in her inmate orange outfit!!
Salma Hayek Looks Better Than A Billionaire! (Anything Hollywood) Just gorgeous mommy Salma rocking that body god gave her!!
Bart Simpson gives it all to Scientology. Wesley Snipes gives it all to himself. (DailyContempt) Scientology freaks alert... run to the emergency exits... when will the craziness end?

New Miley Cyrus MySpace Pictures (TEN) Naughty girl attacks again... devil inside the cute fake face!! :D (Just having some fun here... don't fill my email with hate comments on how Miley is such an angel, no one is buying it anymore!!)
Heath Ledger Is Laid To Rest (Sweet Gossip) Let Heath and his family get some peace and more than anything else give them space and respect... he will be missed!
What Happened To Britney Spears' Makeover? (All About Nobodies) Makeover??? Brit needs to be born again!!!!! Damn that hair is embarrassing!!

Kirsten Dunst Goes to Rehab, Why?? (7CG) She was in but then the clinic says she was never there and now she's out... just tooo confusing!! One thing is for sure we don't want Kirsten to turn into Britney!!!
Reports that Eva Mendes is out of rehab are premature. She's going back. (Geno's World) More stars in rehab... the world is going crazy... no seriously Eva Mendes??? I wasn't expecting that!!!
Lindsay Lohan’s New Fab Look (BackseatCuddler) LiLo goes back to dark hair... she actually looks cleaner... did she take a bath?? :D I kid she looks gorgeous!!

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