Monday, March 10, 2008

Avril Lavigne Pregnant & Shopping is Pop Fiction

Celebrities are set to prank paparazzi and major gossipers all over the world planting false stories. This is the brand new idea for a “Reality Prank Show” producer by Ashton Kutcher that premiered yesterday on E!
The biggest prank this week was Paris Hilton and her Swami, the story was all over the place in the next day only to have the Swami revealed as Hollywood actor Maxie Santillan.
Avril Lavigne decided to punk the paparazzi too but she didn’t quite really succeed. Yep she was photographed shopping at a baby’s store, but it didn’t create as much buzz maybe because people don’t care about Avril… besides her “baby bump” wasn’t that obvious!!
On the paparazzi, Avril moaned: “They’re all really gross old men. They come up to you and are like, ‘Avril, what did you do today?’ And I’m like, ‘Why the fuck would I talk to you? Eww’.”
“I think a lot of the Hollywood girls, I won’t get into names, are obsessed with the paparazzi. They call them or go to the Ivy [restaurant] so they’ll be seen and followed for the rest of the day.”
Avril is totally right some celebrity love/hate paparazzi but they can’t live without them. I’ll name them, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan come to mind…
Avril preparing for the prank, check the video here.


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Anonymous said...

omgoosh i love this show. lmao

Anonymous said...

Avril is freaking gorgeous, & her babies will be too.


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