Monday, March 31, 2008

Johnny Depp to Give Face & Body for Trojan Condoms

Johnny Depp has been offered a staggering $10 million to become the face for American condom giant Trojan.
According to reports, Trojan bosses believe the Pirates of the Caribbean actor - who is an advocate of safe sex - would considerably boost sales of their Magnum range, and help inspire an anti-AIDS campaign to send free condoms to less economically developed countries.
Although Depp has yet to make a formal decision about the offer, safe sex campaigners have already expressed their approval of Trojan's choice. A spokeswoman for California's Safer Sex Awareness Campaign says, "We'd welcome seeing a major Hollywood star helping to promote the cause. And there's no one bigger than Johnny."
LOL !! Will Johnny promote Trojan or not??


4 confessions:

Taylor Blue said...

no one they talking about him or his penis?? :)

confessing7girl said...

omg i thought the same thing!!! i would like to know how the hell do they know about JD's P!!! omg...

Taylor Blue said...

lets just pretend it's big then!! :)

Steven said...

Isn't Trojan kind of past it's prime? With so many new and different approaches to the same old boring condom I would expect a celebrity to flock to one of those, not a brand with 75% of the market share.

Like One Condoms for example ( They're new and innovative and their products address a key component of why people don't use/ carry condoms- stigma. The circular packaging of One's are colorful and playful, yet discreet, as opposed to Trojan's obvious and easily recognizable square packaging.