Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nicole Richie & Cute Baby Harlow Out and About

Mommy Nicole took baby Harlow to the park to a friend’s kiddies party in Beverly Hills and she gives us another glimpse of her beautiful bundle of joy.
Nicole who said having Harlow completely changed her life and she is afraid of not being fun anymore, like that’s possible.
“Sometimes I will think to myself, ‘I used to be fun! What if I’m not fun anymore?’ But I am who I am. I am still fun, just not in that way.”- says Nicole.
So she’s keeping herself busy and preparing to launch her jewelry collection. “It’s all costume jewelry. I like to play with jewelry and mix and match.”
Richie’s new line is being produced with the company Mouawad — the same people who do Heidi Klum’s fine jewelry collection. And Nicole is working with “this really talented woman named Shelley Gibbs. She’s an artist and she sketches everything,” she explains.
But despite her latest venture and busy work schedule, new baby Harlow remains at the top of Nicole’s priorities. “Everyone’s been really mellow and able to work around my schedule,” she tells People magazine. “If I need to go feed the baby, I do it.”
The maternity bug caught Nicole since she is also releasing her own range of infant and children’s wear lines, due out later this year.

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