Monday, March 3, 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks About Her Marriage & Pregnancy

In Sarah Michelle Gellar’s latest interview for Gotham Magazine is opens up about her long relationship and marriage to Freddie Prinze Jr. and if she is ready or not to get pregnant.
Here are some highlights of Sarah Michelle Gellar aka Sarah Michelle Prinze’s interview:
On her many pairs of shoes:
"Oh, God. Let's just say that when people look at my closet, I get the nod of shame. I love shoes. And I'm slightly vertically challenged. I need the height."
On whether or not she wants kids:
"I can't help it—every day people ask me that question. I sometimes feel like I'm doing something wrong. But when the time is right, we will. I just turned 30. There's traveling I want to do. There's charity work I want to do. I'm learning to believe in myself more, and I'm realizing things that I'm capable of accomplishing. And when we do have children, my husband and I will have such a strong foundation because we've given our relationship time to grow.
On how marriage is different from her expectations:
"I try to go into everything with an open mind, but it's much more than I thought it would be. The partnership grows to such a different level. And all my life, it was just my mom and me, us against the world; so to let someone else in and to have another partner was hard for me. Now he's my partner, my best friend, and my husband.

Sarah and Freddie transpire happiness through everything they do… I guess being really in love does that to you!! :D


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