Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekend Gossip Links: Cute, Trashy & Hot

Isla Fisher…What Are You Wearing? (TEN) Isla looks great although the outfit choice is a little out there, it's just for a movie!!
You Go Girl: America Ferrera (CelebMonkey) Just adorable! America rocks!!
Pam Anderson Going After The Magician (LayDdee) Another magician... isn't Pam after Criss Angel?? Oh I guess whatever is good enough for Pam!! :D

Brooke Burke & David Charvet Welcome A Boy (KnockedUpCelebs) This baby can only be absolutely gorgeous!! Lucky genes!!
Guess Kim Kardashian’s Butt! (AnythingHollywood) Fake booty or natural?? I'm just tired of it... get that booty out of our faces Kim... it's not sexy at all, it's trashy!!!!
Lindsay Lohan to Design a Line of Leggings (All About Nobodies) I guess Linds is desperate... I won't wear something designed by Lohan!! TRASHY!!!

"Beverly Hills 90210" spinoff is in the planning stages. (Geno's World) Oh noo... not again!! One 90210 was enough... please noo...
Anna Kournikova Helps K-Swiss Pop Up (Sweet Gossip) Looking gorgeous but where's Enrique?? Locked in the basement where he belongs!! :D
Ashlee Simpson Fun & Romance by the Pool (7ConfessionsGossip) Ahh soo cute... soo in love... oh please it's making me sick!!

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