Friday, March 14, 2008

Britney Spears is Loving ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Britney Spears has another chance to get herself back together and show she is getting better and that she can recover. Is it possible that Brit is getting normal again? She has been really low key these past days… I like the new Britney!!
“Working at How I Met Your Mother has been so terrific,” Spears said in a statement obtained by Entertainment Tonight.
The Toxic star is scheduled to play Abby, a dorky receptionist, on the March 24 episode of the hit CBS sitcom.
“Everyone, including the cast, the crew and the producers, has been wonderful and Abby is such a fun girl to play,” Spears said. “I’m having a blast!”
Apart from her assistant, Brett, the singer was joined on set Wednesday by her father, Jamie, and mother, Lynne. "Her parents kept thanking everyone onset ... saying this is just what their daughter needed," the source says.
Plus, Spears was quite prepared for her role. While castmember Josh Radnor joked that the singer "knew her lines better than I knew mine," a show source confirms that the singer was "very sweet and cute and she chewed gum obsessively on set."
If all goes well, could this be a continuing role? Says the show source: "She had a lot of fun doing it and she even mentioned extending her character. Who knows? She got along really well with everyone."

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