Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Don’t Wanna See!! Amy Winehouse Naked for Charity

Amy Winehouse is also taking her clothes off. Nope, it's not her usual cracked-out ramble through the streets in a dingy bra. This time Winehouse got her kit off for charity, stripping down for photographer Carolyn Djangoly to raise awareness about breast cancer among young women.The songstress appears naked in the April issue of British women's magazine Easy Living, where she's pictured strumming her guitar in the buff while covered only in two pieces of duct tape. Because looking scarily out of it (with a mild S&M twist) is just fine, as long as you're doing it for a good cause.
Amy can be also raising awareness about being a train wreck and how bad drugs are for you!! Thank God it wasn’t a close-up of her face falling off!!


3 confessions:

Anonymous said...

Go Amy! Good for you for lending your name and photo for a worthwhile cause. You rock.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amy….seriously, icky black tape??? She could’ve made the picture at least a little more appealing by using some cute nipple covers. Nippies by Bristols 6 would've been perfect. A lot of women who have had masectomies use them to cover their scars, and they are pretty. She should’ve used something in the pic that women with breast cancer would actually like to wear. Next time, I guess!

Anonymous said...

Amy Winehouse? She is a big skit!