Monday, April 28, 2008

Everyone’s Talking About the Miley Cyrus Topless Vanity Fair Scandal

If you are living in this world you have already seen all those topless (covered with a white sheet) photos of Miley Cyrus and the discussion it is creating online. Is it legal? Is it appropriate? And so on…
Here’s the summary of events…

Miley Cyrus Topless for Vanity Fair Sneak Peek
Miley Cyrus Embarrassed Over Topless Vanity Fair Photos
Miley Cyrus and Her Dad Pics: Creepier than the Topless Photos?

I still think this is something that is just not explainable… Where were Miley’s parents? Probably drowning on money, they couldn’t see at that time it was a bad idea…
Jamie Lee Curtis speaks out and it’s clear she blames the parents for exposing their kids… and in this situation she is right!

When these young people get all dressed up for award show red-carpet events don’t we all comment how beautiful, stunning and grown-up they look in their strapless/backless dresses and heels and tousled hair? None of this is new. None of this should be news. But it is news because it is a business. It is all Business. It is called Show Business. Show Abyss-ness! I call it Show-OFF Business. You throw a child onto the jaws of a business and they will get eaten.
I know how Miley feels. I too was a little embarrassed by my recent topless “scandal” and the subsequent parodies, but I am an adult woman. I protected myself during the shoot and I can take the heat. I only wish that her guardians had protected her.

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2 confessions:

Thomas Churchwell said...

I did some artwork of that photo

Butterfli!! said...

I think people need to give her a break. She is trying to be a good role model. That picture looks so beautiful but im afraid it came out the wrong way. Well it did. :)