Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gary Dourdan Leaves CSI – Crime Scene Investigation

CSI hottest bad boy is leaving the show and won’t be around for the 9th season!! Jorja Fox is out now Gary Dourdan?? They might has well just end the show and spare us from the most boring, a total flopped season!!
According to Michael Ausiello at TV Guide, actor Gary Dourdan, who plays Warrick Brown, has informed producers that he'll be leaving the show when his contract expires next month. Although it's not known when Dourdan will shoot his final episode, it's likely that CSI's May 15 season finale will be Warrick's swan song.
Ausiello states that a CBS spokesperson would not confirm or deny the story, but that CSI execs are already on the lookout for Dourdan's replacement. The producers have put out a casting call for a new male series regular in his late twenties to early thirties to play Ray Santoro, a "handsome, smart and athletic" CSI who transfers from Henderson to join the graveyard shift at the Las Vegas crime lab.
This news comes shortly after the network successfully negotiated with William Petersen to renew the actor's contract for a ninth season. Though the contracts for Marg Helgenberger and George Eads have yet to be renewed, both actors are expected to sign on the dotted line.
Will a couple of new faces help bring fresh life to CSI in its ninth season, or are these exits ultimately harmful to the show? Losing one fan here!!


2 confessions:

Taylor Blue said...

Gary ... don't leave... I LOVE're the only reason I watch that show!I guess I'll have to unveil my crush on Saunders now!! WAHHHHHH!!

Taylor Blue said...

or is it sanders?? Doesn't really matter because Gary will be gone!! :(