Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nicole Richie’s Baby Harlow Talks & Crawls!!

OMG I know the baby is just 3 months old but her grandma says Harlow tries to answer when they are talking to her and she even said ‘Hi’. Grandmas!!!! She's just imagining things for sure... babies make a lot of noises..."The other day I was holding her, and Harlow said, 'Hi!'" Brenda Richie said at the ASCAP Pop Awards in Hollywood last week. "I said, 'Nicole, did you hear that?'" Brenda continued. "Nicole said, 'I don't think she knew what she was saying!'"
Added Brenda, "Nicole talks to Harlow constantly, and she tries to answer back!" The baby "is trying to crawl already," Brenda said.
But Nicole is so protective, Brenda told US, "I’m lucky if I get to [see] the baby. She loves being with that baby!
"[Harlow's] bathing time has to be right on schedule!" Brenda added. "I was strict with Nicole, and she fought all of it. Now here is she is, being the same way I was [with her] — it's great to see!"
Ah motherhood suits Nicole Richie so well! Nicole is happy; she’s looking healthy and rocking her post pregnancy body. Just hope she doesn’t go back to skeleton shape!

(Photos of Nicole and her Dad, Lionel Richie @ ASCAP Awards, April 9.)
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