Thursday, April 10, 2008

Janice Dickinson is an Idiot But Banged a Rolling Stone

OMG this woman is an idiot!! Someone must tell her that!! Janice says she only had sex with rocker Sir Mick Jagger so that she could tell her grandchildren she’d f*cked a Rolling Stone.
“I met him on a dancefloor and thought: ‘Who is this midget?’
“He only came up to my tits, but he was an amazing lover. I slept with him so I could tell my grandchildren I’d f*cked a Rolling Stone.
She added to Britain’s Closer magazine: “He kept showing up on my doorstep like a mosquito afterwards!”
LOL! At least now Mick is as sexy as ever for a grandpa and Janice looks like a cadaver!! B*tch!!


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