Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Britney Spears Back With Sean Preston & Jayden James

Crossing my fingers for Britney! It’s good to see her back with her kids, they really need her. Seems like Britney and Kevin Federline are at least trying to get along and even Kevin believes the kids need their mommy.
Britney spent the afternoon playing with the boys, leading them around her gated community on their blue wagon, and watching them as they rode around on their John Deere!
Although Brit wasn’t totally alone (she had a nanny as well as someone who was video-taping the family scene), she did seem totally enamored of her adorable young boys, who looked like they were loving the time with their mama!Britney Spears hopes that a new career in fashion will help her see more of her precious sons. The troubled pop star is in talks with fashion designer Christian Audigier to design a range of T-shirts.
Britney, who often designs and sews her own clothes, has tried to work with designer Christian before. "Britney and Christian had long talked about collaborating on a clothing line together," Christian Audigier spokesperson Nicole Irving tells OK!. "But the timing was never right. Now it looks like it's finally going to happen."
Oh Britney is getting in line again!! I can totally see Britney making the biggest comeback in history in a few months… I hope so!!

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