Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jessica Simpson’s Hospitalization Scandal

Oh No! Jessica Simpson's recent hospital stay was triggered by more than just an "infection." A source says the singer was hospitalized after months of hard drinking with beau Tony Romo. Even more shocking, Jess asked for a pregnancy test!
Jessica was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. on March 28 and remained there for four days. Reps for the singer said she was being treated for a "kidney infection," but an insider reveals it was more than that. Jessica's health problems were "brought on by drinking an obscene amount of alcohol," says the source. "She was treated for a kidney infection, a bladder infection and a urinary tract infection."
Adding to her distress, anxious Jessica asked doctors to give her a pregnancy test! "She was a nervous wreck," says the insider. "She was three weeks late and convinced she was pregnant. She was feeling really weak and really scared. She was unraveling."
Ah that kinda makes sense in a sick way… Jessica has been having this strange behavior. It’s like sometimes she is in a trance!! Alcohol can do that to the little brain cells she might have!! :P

(Photos of Jessica Simpson after she was released from the hospital.)

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