Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sexy Kristen Bell is a Hot Cover Girl (Peach, May 2008)

Kristen Bell is the new IT girl and she is creating a hotness wave in the magazine world. Kristen is supper cute on the cover of LA Direct, super sexy on Vanities and now it’s time for her to open up to Peach magazine.On her self-professed “boring” hobbies: “I love to go on walks, I love to knit. My roommate Amy and I love to find different Martha Stewart recipes out of Real Simple magazine.”

On being a Midwestern girl living in sunny L.A.: “I think I’m the only person in Los Angeles that doesn’t appreciate the weather. I’m from Detroit, and I love the cold. I love bundling up. It makes me feel secure. I get intimidated by a really sunshiny day, because it’s like, now we have to do something outside, we have to do something relaxing. I always get really excited when it rains, or when it’s hot-chocolate weather, because there’s no expectations.”

On being more proud of being chosen “Queen of Geek Chic” by Geek magazine than her rankings in more mainstream men’s magazines: “I think it’s the ultimate flattery. Because the definition of geeks, it’s people who like what they like ‘cause they like it. They’re not trying to fit in.”

On how the perception of her in Hollywood may present some limitations: “I’m not pretty enough to play the pretty girl and not homely enough to play the awkward girl. I don’t ever want to play the same role over and over again. I don’t want my value to go up because of who I am as Kristen Bell. I want to remain an actress.”


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