Thursday, April 17, 2008

Miley Cyrus Autobiography Marks a New Chapter

Fifteen may sound too young to write an autobiography — but not if you’ve lived the life Miley Cyrus has! Actually this is supposed to be the end of Hannah Montana and a start of a new career for Miley who doesn’t want to be stuck to her teen role.
Miley is set to dish on all the details of her young yet eventful life in a new autobiography. The catch? The 15-year-old singer and actress won’t actually be the one writing it.
After inking a multimillion-dollar deal — described by Disney insiders as "very hush-hush" — with Disney Books, a search is out for a ghostwriter to put the young superstar’s life story on paper.

(Photos of Miley Cyrus at Idol Gives Back 2008)
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