Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes About to Split, Tom Wants to Take Suri

About to hit the magazines this week is the story of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes secret split. The thing that now worries us the most is that Tom is threatening to take Suri with him… and that’s just scary!!Tom has reportedly had enough of Katie's ongoing emotional struggle to adjust to celebrity lifestyle, telling his wife: "I'm taking Suri with me if our marriage falls apart." Katie seems to be getting worse, apparently fainting constantly and having blinding headaches, with Suri's behaviour also weighing the new mother down.
Her latest hairdo - a short and layered cut - has also been a topic of discussion, with one magazine pointing out that "if she goes any shorter, she'll end up with the same cut as her husband!"
OMG!! Katie run, get away from creepy Tom and take Suri with you!!

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Anonymous said...

OMG!! Tom run, get away from creepy Freakatie and take Suri with you!!

The airhead goldigger freak stink!